İRADE presents its proposals in the form of algorithmic flows and prepares the standards of works / processes within the framework of accreditation procedures.

It takes the harmony between organization, flows and standards. Suggestions prepared within this framework can be added to the present software and the operation of all systems can be secured. İRADE provides consultancy and system services with an understanding of ancient concepts, scientific methodology and data analysis.

  • It defines the enterprises by analyzing the activities, current situation and environment of the enterprise with scientific methods.
  • It gets accurate results with correct direction and plans.
  • It establishes the organizational structure that will position the intention, representation and professions that will activate the business assets.
    • Since the organizational architecture will take shape in accordance with the nature of the organization and the goods, things accelerate, production and service quality is increased.
    • The value of the company increases as a whole.
    • The sweat and accumulation of years are preserved; assets are valued, continuity is assured.
    • The rights of the shareholders / bosses arising from all their tangible and intangible assets are secured.
    • Not only a company but a system is achieved
  • It establishes management systems that shall provide peak management (intention stage) produce the information needed in the decision-making process and guides the operation of the systems, and supervises on behalf of the top management.
    • In the same direction, a legitimate mechanism is created that supports the strategic plan of the company.
    • The people become not the carrier but the patronage of the company.
    • A decision hierarchy is formed in the company and decision legitimacy is ensured.
  • Business processes are well designed, positive thinking in the company becomes a common behavior.
    • Unity and integrity prevail, not power and energy division.
    • Productivity and profitability increase.
  • The company’s marketing, sales and cost elements are modeled to increase the company’s profitability and develop a mechanism to ensure its continuity.
  • İRADE takes the penetration of the institution’s will on the enterprise in commercial enterprises. In order to protect the power of the intention and the power of intervention; it establishes the management structure, planning and supervision as budget centered.
    • The company’s cost systems are dominated and the cost of surviving in any crisis is reduced to minimum levels. The resistance to possible crises are increased.
    • Costs and expenses are taken under control. Resources and facilities are used in place and correctly. Waste is not made although there is plenty.
  • Human resources management system, financial management, marketing management etc. all systems are budgeted and completed according to the balance sheet value.
    • Employees work with a higher heart and energy since they are considered as value not as resources.
    • Production and turnover per person grows.
    • Greater jobs can be achieved with fewer people.