• IRADE has ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certificate; As the company’s confidentiality information is collected and analyzed during the project, it gives utmost importance to confidentiality, cooperates on the confidentiality principles of its customers and conducts a method of working on a closed server system so that the data cannot be accessed by third parties.
    The servers with the data of the projects are closed to the Internet and the data and information is exchanged over the network between the IRADE and the customer.
  • İRADE creates project teams within the organization in order to produce lasting results in the works it carries out for its customers, and İRADE experts / consultants carry out activities within the scope of the project in cooperation with these project teams. At the same time, it is recommended to create a project committee in order to ensure the objectivity of the results of the analysis and to complete the project on time and the results are presented to the project committee before the firm’s will.The project delegation is composed of senior executives with command authorizations to coordinate the project implementation.
  • With these methods, ADG combines its expertise in data collection, analysis and information generation with the sector expertise of the teams and teams formed within the company and transforms it into effective results for its customers. This method also saves on project costs and ensures that the projects are owned and the results are sustained in the organization.
  • The project team can take an active role in the implementation and sustainability of the approved proposals when the work is completed, achieves the competence to add experience in the new projects to be launched and an asset is created to ensure continuous improvement of the systems.

İRADE creates project navigation reports in order to ensure that the projects it carries out are permanent in its customers, to create resources for future projects and to create an archive.

The studies conducted during the execution of the project and the written and visual documents related to these studies are dated and reported. The purpose of these reports is to know which phases the project went through to be completed by the company management and to store them in the company’s archives. Thus, for similar projects, it is aimed to give the company a gain about how the project process should be.

  • Planning and Modeling Phase Report:Following the contract, the project will document the fulfillment of the project objectives and contract conditions, and document the project process document and purpose of the project that defines the relationship between team, resource and time in detail, describes and secures the modelling studies.
  • Field Operations Report: The operations carried out in the field are adhered to the project plan and reported with day-to-day photos. Thus, a document is formed in the company management, relevant units and archive of the field operations to determine whether the operations are working as planned and described.
  • Analysis Process Report: The data collected are reported to determine by which method and order they were sorted, which softwares were used and from which stages it went through and analysed. In this way, the firm provides dominance to the processes of the analysis phase, which is the basis of the proposals.
  • Suggestion Development Process Report:It is reported on which analyzes the recommendations are based on, with which meetings and processes the experts, academicians and consultants are prepared. Thus, the methods of consulting process are written together with the analyzes that are the basis of the results.