“To set up the system is to determined the movement, way and methods by considering the current talents and law by finding the proper, functioning and natural nature of the work, discovering the order that is embedded in the structure.”

İRADE’s service processes are standard but service packs are not standard.

İRADE provides service in representation and intention stage in the business enterprises; does not provide services in sectoral and professional fields. Since it will not be possible to apply a standard package to non-standard enterprises, it creates different standards, different methods and different elements for each company. But the process is standard, universal, scientific.

The most frequently identified problems determined by IRADE in the projecting process are;

  • Management problems in family companies; especially for family companies that have reached a certain size:
  1. Organization of family membership and partnership relations
  2. Compliance of following generations with company and jobs
  • The desired solutions to the management disputes of the partners in multi-partner companies,
  • Problems arising between the company (share) owner / owners and managers / management,
  • Personel management, organization and organizational problems,
  • Problems of uncertainty in growth and investment decisions,
  • Problems arising from the growth and the problems occur under the control and management of personnel,
  • Problems caused by cost control,
  • Problems arising from marketing and sales,
  • Software-supported system installation problems.


The current and potential value of the company is put forward in every aspect and the differences between the location and the position and the position are revealed.

This process includes:

  • Analysis of the company’s existing resources,
  • Analysis of current and potential profitability,
  • Measurement of market reputation,
  • Power and stability in the market,
  • Growth potential and capacity,
  • Organizational analysis and organizational culture,
  • Human resources potential and existing human asset inventory,
  • Competitive advantages in the market,
  • Areas that need strengthening,
  • Areas of cooperation,
  • Financial and legal infrastructure and shortcomings,
  • Risk analysis and market risks,
  • The market value of the company in TL basis


The direction plan is one of the most strategic documents and roadmap showing where the organization is going.

Plan must fully comply with the sector realities and company targets under the light of data, information and analysis, to maintain the company’s direction, it should be updated according to the developments. While preparing the strategic plan, the development, potential, sector status, development potential and competitive structure of the company are taken into consideration. The strategic plan is prepared with the Balanced Scorecard discipline in the light of the following points and is delivered to the customers with investment and development plans:

  • Declaration of intention and policy document covering the mission, vision, principles and policies of the company’s will,
  • Within the framework of this mission and vision, the company’s three-year strategic objectives,
  • Activities and projects and resource needs that need to be carried out in order to realize strategic objectives,
  • The objectives to be achieved as a result of the activities and projects to be carried out,
  • Who and when will the activities and projects be carried out
  • Balanced Scorecard (BSC) design with metrics reduced to measurable format for auditing targets and early intervention.


The most fundamental goal of IRADE is to build a system in which a company can maintain and develop its activities without being dependent on the presence of other institutions and persons. İRADE knows that management consultancy and produced values ​​will only provide permanent benefits. It designs the service processes at each scale and stage accordingly.

If the analysis shows that it is necessary to provide a new architecture, the work starts with the determination of things that should not change with the things that should change in the first place. The company or organization is restructured according to business and quality targets, from job descriptions to production, from cost management to premium and performance system.

İRADE knows that each company is unique and private. Their solutions do not conflict with existing dynamics. Recommendations and reports do not remain on the shelves, they come to life and produce genuine results.

In this context, especially the structure of the board of directors, working procedures and principles;

  • Organization architecture and organization chart,
  • The units forming the organization and the interaction and hierarchy of these units with each other,
  • The qualifications and job descriptions of the personnel to be employed in the units,
  • And the planning, control and reporting systems and hierarchy are defined and a company management architecture is prepared and submitted to the company.


İRADE establishes a business order in which all financial analyzes, including potential profitability, operating expenses and expenditures, budget and planning are carried out in a healthy way.

It prepares the Budget System Proposal which will ensure the traceability of the targets and investment programs in the Direction Guide with finance and financial structure of the Company. In this context, it is defined when, how and by whom the budget will be prepared, what the scope will be, how it will be coordinated and how it will be monitored.

  • Revenues, expenses, raw materials, production, labor, marketing and management costs,
  • Non-operating income and expense budgets,
  • Cash planning of all budgets, openness analysis and advice for the measure,
  • Investment and financing budget,
  • Proforma income statement and proforma balance sheet within the budget period and at the end of the period, are prepared.


Identifying and planning the human resources needed by the company in line with the direction plans, management architecture and budgetary realities of the companies, determining the resources to be met, developing and developing the existing human resources, increasing the available resources and increasing the performance of the management consultancy are among the obligatory areas.

In this context, in the institution in which service is provided İRADE prepares;

  • The norms required by the units, human resources plan,
  • Staff architecture and tier structure,
  • Wage-salary system on staff architecture,
  • Promotion and improvement plans,
  • Performance management system,
  • Compliance measures and labor contracts,
  • Award / premium model and the disciplinary regulation under Human Resources Management System


While family companies have a positive trend with strong emotional and motivational factors such as devotion, solidarity, mutual trust and mutual ownership in their growth and development stages, they can confront problems in the periods when the scales and incomes are growing, professional competence and expertise should come to the forefront. The number of companies that have to withdraw from the market is not less, just because they cannot manage this process or family-company relations well.

İRADE is one of the organizations that entrepreneurs can benefit from in this field, which requires a more specific understanding and operation with its experience and accumulation over many years.


For the enterprises in abroad and domestic which IRADE provides consultancy service, it is the process of revealing the general sector and market research, the national and international due diligence, trends, threats, problems and opportunities of the sector and the market.

In addition, determination of the position, market share and size of the enterprises in the sector and against the competitors, determination of awareness and awareness levels within the sector and potential customers and data collection, analysis, interpretation and reporting on similar issues are carried out.

Furthermore, data collection, analysis, interpretation and reporting services are provided in order to expose the expectations, tendencies, attitudes and behaviors of customers and potential customers in the market and market segments addressed by institutions, organizations and enterprises and to use this information in management and decision making.


They are the monitoring, evaluation and improvement activities carried out to guide the implementation phase of the established management system.

The activities and results of these studies are audited and their compliance with the desired objectives is analyzed. As a result of the analyzes, reports are prepared with suggestions on the necessary studies and revisions to prevent deviations from the direction. A monitoring evaluation system is established for this purpose.

It is the monitoring and periodical evaluation of the results of the works such as direction plans will be made, Balanced Scorecard, Budget etc. monitoring the success of the targets determined in these mentioned bodies and also monitoring the work of the company with other third parties.

It is the report and suggestion production study including analysis of the issues such as Project Follow-up Reports, Budget, Cash Flow and Cost Analysis Reports, Personnel Follow-up Reports, Strategic Plans and Investments Reports, Maintenance and Development Reports for Software and Information Systems, Vehicle, Equipment, Equipment Maintenance Tracking Reports, and also Strategic Orientation of company activities.


As described above;

  • Current Situation Analysis and Company Valuation,
  • Direction Guide,
  • Company Management Architecture,
  • Human Resources Management System,
  • Activity Based Budget System services

are carried out by IRADE through Irade Management System software developed in Osmangazi University Teknokent campus.

  • All data, results and system recommendations are processed into the software.
  • All systems are approved by the will of the company through the Irade Confirmation and Decision Center Module.
  • Following the approvals, integration is provided to the existing software in the firm for the realization data.
  • Monitoring and Guidance studies are carried out on the differences between the planned / targeted and realized ones and the reasons of these differences.
  • A management consultant is added to the board of directors and he/she interprets the results of the software and conducts consultancy activities on the measures to be taken.
  • Again, decisions are taken and followed through the Irade Approval and Decision Center.
  • The additions and modules required by the systems are also coded and the software system is fully adapted to the company.
  • The company willpower monitors all organization, jobs, budget and direction through this software and supervises the execution of the decisions and establishes a power of inspection and intervention.

The general architecture and modular infrastructure of the software are described under the “Technology menu.


İRADE carries out activities in the companies where it provides consultancy services under the title of education, which also includes education, training, education and payment. In addition to classroom trainings, it helps the companies and company executives in establishing the principles and procedures laid down in the board of directors’ work, staff discipline, promotion and performance management systems. Therefore, IRADE projects are also an educational tool and process for companies.

The company management takes a strong training in many areas, from the balance sheet analysis to budget design, from planning systems to marketing procedures.