The elements necessary to provide any product or service to the consumer / customer and start a business activity;

1. Definition of the product / service requested by the consumer / customer, its content, characteristics, information about which need / needs of the consumer are met (satisfied);

2. Information about the size, quantity, frequency, price, payment habits and the environment (market / channel) where the consumer / customer access the product or service,

3. Information about which components (source, property and capability) existing in nature / environment are used for this product or service,

4. Information on the stages used in transforming these goods and capabilities into product,

These four elements / knowledge are necessary and must but not enough;

5. The consumer must believe that the goods and services you produce will not give damage and will really meet the need (trust).

6. The establishment of the necessary assurances provided by the company to these elements in order to reach the goods and capabilities required for the production,

7. To provide assurances to the public that the goods and services you produce, activities during this process will not harm the public order functioning as a whole.

These 7 elements are a must in order for the commencement of any business / trade. Each condition must be in compliance with itself and other conditions. In other words, the lack of one of the conditions puts trade/works in a meaningless cycle and a significant part of the problems we experience today are the stages formed by these meaningless cycles. Another issue is the continuity of the business / trade. This issue described as sustainability today;

8. requires the ability to keep up with the changes in the first four stages and this requires foresight;

9. requires the ability of building a business model that shall gather the parties having different abilities and expectations from each other and the activities feeding each other and this requires power;

10. requires the ability to create and environment where the public benefits are satisfied without conflicting with personal expectations and without ruining the integrity with different expectations and this requires politics,

11.requires the ability of guidance that shall provide the structures acting as a whole to walk to a common goal and this requires direction,

12. IRADE  is needed for not attacking for every opportunity with lust, not to fear and run away in every threat, to take decision for the sacrifices that can be made and for the things that cannot be given up and to obey the directions.


A hurricane that shakes all values, concepts, institutions, companies, systems, individuals, states or even the climates in the world and that cannot be preventable each passing day…

In order to exist in this new climate of trade and competition, a more ancient knowledge, a more powerful body and a stronger IRADE is needed. Otherwise, the effort for change itself can become a greater threat than resistance to change.

A change where those to be changed and those not to be changed cannot be determined, the method, style and direction of the principle of change cannot be determined, the existence in organization cannot be predicted does not bring happiness but brings frustration and disappointment.

It does not solve the problem and in addition it creates additional burdens on budget, time, employees, customers and management. The returns expected from the resources allocated for restructuring, technological investments, human resources etc. for the change, are not achieved.

Moreover, the methods used for unsuccessful efforts cause reactions, deterioration of employees, deterioration of morale, and confusion in the corporate culture. It causes the company confront greater risk. For a real and resultant change, foresight fed by knowledge, brilliant experience and experienced guidance is needed.

In this way, those who adapt to the new conditions do not only turn the change into opportunity; but also they achieve short, medium and long-term plans for the future and manage it effectively.

The change without a strong IRADE may become a greater threat than resisting change.